I learned so many fresh improv techniques from Rich, that have enriched and empowered my approach to each particular performance. Unassuming and unconventional, Rich’s style is effective and impactful and has certainly made me a better improvisational comedian.

Lou Ferrigno Jr.

Actor, "The Young And the Restless"

I’ve been acting professionally for over 30 years, and in that time I’d always wanted to study Improv comedy. Last year, finally, on the encouragement of a good friend, I signed up for Rolland Lopez’s Level 1 class at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica. I feel very fortunate to have had Rolland as my very first Improv comedy teacher. Rolland’s enthusiasm, passion, talent, and skill both as a teacher, as well as an actor, inspired and challenged me, and made me feel at home. I think I can speak for everyone in that class that Rolland is the Man!

Marg Helgenberger

Actor, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", "Under the Dome", "Species", "China Beach"

I’ve taken Improv Comedy classes from both Rolland and Rich. One thing they have as a common denominator is their passion for the art form and their dedication to teaching. I’ve done a lot of academic work throughout my life, and I’ve never received so much feedback as I have from both of these guys—providing thorough emails after each class with key notes and ‘take-aways’ but also making themselves available to discuss our issues and concerns. I am an avid fan of their two-man show. Every time I’ve had the opportunity to see them on stage, I have been amazed by their chemistry and performance, but also impressed by their honest approach and ability to intertwine, as well as upkeep, the most amazing scenes. Go Rollin’ and Riches!

Alejandra Schrader

Celebrity Chef. Entrepreneur. Public Speaker.

People say those that can’t do, teach. But people are stupid. Rich can do. And Rich do do. Rich is one of the best improv teachers I’ve had. He was always a master at inspiring comedy in every single student in the class. For me, he always made improv feel like a fun gift I was getting to experience, rather than a chore I was being forced to do. I’d highly recommend him. Unless you can find someone cheaper.

Brian O'Sullivan

National Touring Comedian

Rolland’s honesty, his teaching skills, and his sincerity in truly wanting his students to absolutely love the improv experience as much as he does, shows in every moment of his class!…[Rolland] has amazing improv energy that never stops, and is also so incredibly focused on each individual’s comprehension and understanding of the concepts he is teaching…Taking a class from him can’t be missed!

Betsy Baker

Actor, in the original horror cult-classic, "Evil Dead"

Rich Baker is an excellent improv teacher. His exercises and especially his ability to guide his students towards having trust in your fellow actors and the whole concept of “yes, and” instantly helped me in my work on my web series, “Loose Ends”. I highly recommend Rich to anyone who wants to take their acting to the next level.

Elaine Kratofil

Actor, "Loose Ends"

Rolland is the best Improv teacher I have ever had. His precise teaching methods gently but firmly coaxed me out of my shell and onto the stage. His no-nonsense practice of stopping students mid-scene helped me identify the motivation of each character helped me see tangible improvement in my ability to quickly understand the game of each scene and start having fun with it. Rolland’s in-depth knowledge of the craft of comedy and improv knows no-bounds, and his dedication to teaching has had a positive impact in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend Rolland as both a performer and a teacher to anyone looking to have a great time and be forever changed for the better.

Mel Judson

Improv Student. Digital Influencer.

I have nothing but great things to say about Rolland as an improv instructor. His class is full of energy, ethusiasm and laughter. His passion for the craft of improv is contagious and he wants nothing more than success for his students. He is patient supportive and encouraging. Not to mention he can really hold his own at karaoke! I would highly recommend taking a class with Rolland.

Dan A.

Improv Student.

Having taken improv classes with Rolland I can say, he was a patient and kind teacher…He gave our classes great recaps and notes and his passion for the form of improv truly showed. I learned great techniques under his training and would gladly take classes with him again. He performs regularly and it is always exciting to learn from him and watch him perform. If you get the chance to work with Rolland, do it!

Jenny C.

Improv Student

Hi Rolland, when I had you as an instructor…though there were always at least half a dozen others in class, you made me feel like what I was doing was noticed and noted…Although I know that having different instructors is good for the student to get various perspectives on improv, I would very happily have taken multiple levels solely from you…You were a fun teacher. I liked that your style was that you were always one of us. You care about the craft and you communicate that through your class instruction.

David K.

Improv Student.

Review for Workshop “Culture of Trust”

I was in Rolland’s, “Culture of Trust” class this weekend. I’ve taken classes from different instructors, hung out with like-minded folks trying to advance our skills and always felt like what I wanted was great feedback, but it just never happened. Rolland is phenomenal at this, he is a terrific coach and never once made me or anyone else (in my observation) feel like we were going to be anything but successful in what he was teaching us. The experience of the students in the class was diverse, yet every time Rolland raised a point, or suggested a change we all benefited. He consistently gave clear, supportive, concrete feedback that he made sure you heard and then you got to practice, right in the moment. I not only left the class feeling like I was a better Improviser, but that I am going to be a much better partner. I will be more fun to work with, you can trust me on that!

Elle B.

Improv Student, California Comedy Festival 2016

Review for Workshop “Improv Hip Hop”

You’re [Rich Baker] a success at creating not just an amusing, informative, fun workshop but an AMAZING workshop. My, my. Thank you so much. That was a beautiful thing to experience.

Improv Student, Unscrewed Theater

Review for Workshop “Keep Your Eyes OFF The Road”

Excellent workshop for navigating with simplicity in the chaotic world of improv. Great instruction with high energy and awareness, with valuable exercises to help build a juicy improv scene with more ease. Good stuff! Will be looking for my next chance to work with Rolland again!

Jennine A.

Improv Student, Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Review for Workshop “Keep Your Eyes OFF the Road”

Rich and Rolland work like a perfectly well oiled machine. They share the space and energy as they teach, keeping students engaged and active the whole time. There was an amazing split between organic and logics that are needed to keep a scene going. They make students all feel like stars while still giving them a needed push towards finding more greatness. They will be welcomed back here many times in the future!

Kat Brown

Director of Community Engagement, Finest City Improv