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Rich Baker – Teacher, Writer, Private Coach

As a teacher & coach, Rich has worked with individuals, groups and students of all kind for the last 15 years. Thousands of people ranging from actors to stand up comedians to public speakers have benefited from his workshops and private coaching. He has taught for many theatres and schools including The Second City, ComedySportz Chicago & Mission Improvable. He is currently a faculty member of Second City Hollywood & the Westside Comedy Theatre. Contact at 773.632.7906 or richbakeractor@outlook.com

Private Coaching ($35/hour)

In person or via video

Improv teams – long or short form, music, rap, narrative, etc.

Actors – audition scenes, monologues, etc.

Sketch Teams – writing, casting or performing

Writers – sketch, one person show, full cast show, etc.

Contact at 773.632.7906 or richbakeractor@outlook.com


Writer for Hire

Want to act in a scene that was written to highlight your look, voice and style? For $50 I’ll write you a two page scene/sketch that plays to all your strengths. Use it to put on your reel or social media or whatever you like. We’ll talk for ten to twenty minutes about locations, tone, phrases, etc. If you want changes, one rewrite with your notes is included in the price.

Contact at 773.632.7906 or richbakeractor@outlook.com

Workshops written & regularly taught by Rich Baker

Bring Rich to your theatre or school. He travels. Contact for more info at 773.632.7906 or richbakeractor@outlook.com

Click on the different workshops below for more detailed information on the individual classes.

Scene Work Masters Class
Learn to slow down and use the patience of scene work to make the crowd laugh sooner and harder. Learn how to get out of your own way and stop unintentionally putting obstacles into your scene work. Stop worrying about laughs and learn to surprise yourself as well as the audience.

Improv Hip Hop
Learn how to make up rap lyrics to a beat on the spot in a variety of rap games like Rap Line, Beastie Rap, Pass the Mic, Historical Rap Battle and more. It may sound scary, but anyone can learn to freestyle rap with some tried and true techniques and lots of practice.

Emote Control
Musicians have instruments, but actors only have their emotions. Improvisers often put pressure to come up with funny words and phrases. That is unnecessary and often damaging to a show. Rely on your emotions to connect with your scene partners and the audience. Even the funniest person will eventually run out of things to say, but you’ll never run out of emotional reactions.

Improv Career
Learn how I have made my living off of nothing but entertainment/improv/sketch since 1/1/08. From cruise ships to corporate training, from Chicago to L.A. I’ll tell you what I’ve learned that’s helped me succeed and what mistakes I’ve made that have held me back.

Short Form Bag of Tricks
Make your short form polished with a host of tried and true tricks to spice up a scene no matter how much it dies. From Dr. Know It All to Forward/Reverse and a lot of your favorites, you’ll learn to make them better.

Hosting 101
Want to host a show like a polished professional? Hosting is a skill in and of itself. Like any other skill, there are techniques and exercises to get you better. Learn to hold an audience in the palm of your hand and get every show started with the best energy.

Science of Sketch Comedy
Learn the patterns and techniques that appear in all good sketch comedy so you can recognize and replicate them with your unique voice. Even if you wanna write non-traditional sketch comedy, learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.

Wanna Go West?
I moved to L.A from Chicago on 1/1/14 and since then there are a lot of facts I wish I knew then that I know now. Whether or not you know you’re going to move to La la land or are just thinking it may be a possibility one day, this workshop will help give you a taste of what to do to prepare for that.