Dallas, TX

Technically, part of our 2015 tour, this was our first out of state show!


Los Angeles, CA

Right in our backyard, we got to be part of 2015’s festivities!


San Francisco,CA

We kicked off our 2016 Tour with the largest comedy festival in the country! We had a phenomenal time in San Francisco!


San Diego, CA

San Diego’s Finest City Improv theater is one of our favorites, and 2016’s SD Improv Festival was no exception! Yeah, we love that place. I said that already. I know, I was just agreeing.


Las Vegas, NV

Downtown Vegas had their FIRST Improv Festival in 2016 and we opened the entire thing with our show!


Juneau, AK

The Alaksa State Improv Festival was the farthest we’ve traveled so far to perform.  Juneau was colder than one of us expected. Yes, I know thanks for reminding me. I wasn’t trying to remind you, I was just writing the blurb for this. Uh-huh.


Denver, CO

Denver and The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse was a blast! We also learned that it was a longer road trip than expected. You mean “I” also learned, don’t you? No, we both learned but one of us kind of already knew. Is that one of us, you? ….yes. I knew it.


Sacramento, CA

The California Comedy Festival in Sacramento was a fantastic time. Great teams, great people, great festival. And I didn’t learn a lesson. They don’t need to know that. Yeah, but you brought it up like the last 2 in a row. Well, this time I let it go. Uh-huh.


Joshua Tree, CA

The Joshua Tree Comedy Festival brought stand-up, sketch and improv together for 3 days! Tell them about the stars. I will, hang on…There were great teams from all over the country. And the stars. Chill for a second…it was a really fun time in the desert! And you could see a lot of stars at night…sorry, I couldn’t wait. Yeah, I see that. And you saw stars. Ugh.


Phoenix, AZ

The Torch Theatre in Phoenix welcomed us with open arms and fantastic camaraderie! It was a fantastic weekend of improv shows and workshops. And it was the hottest weekend of the year. Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous. It was like doing hot yoga without the yoga. Right…like hot yoga without the yoga and with you watching tv all day. Totally…and it was awesome.


Bakersfield, CA

Gus’ Garage in the heart of Bakersfield was so much fun! Yeah, the CIA is there. Well…the Center for Improv Advancement. Yeah, that’s what I said, the CIA. Sure, but some might think you meant the Central Intelligence Agency. Which people? …me. Figures.


Tucson, AZ

We did 3 charity shows for AyudaOfSouthernAZ.org to help raise funds for their Smile for Soldiers program and for veterans needing dental work. We performed at the American Legion Post 7, the BPO Elks Lodge 2532 and the American Legion Post 66! We had a great time and were so glad we could contribute to help raise funds for veterans that could use our help!


Tucson, AZ

Unscrewed Theater! What about it? It was great, we had a fantastic time! Well, yeah, but all you said was the name of the place. Okay, sorry…Unscrewed Theater, Tucson, Arizona!! Well now you just said the name and the city. Unscrewed Theater, Tucson, Arizona, cactuses!! Cacti. Whatever, we had a blast. We had a blast.


Cedar City, UT

Our 7th and final festival of 2016! Yeah, we had a great time! We went hiking! You went hiking, I slept in. Right, but we did both go bowling with the rest of the festival. Yeah, you fell down in front of everyone. Wow, you’re cranky when you sleep in.


Portland, OR

Our last out-of-town show for 2016! Yeah, this was a lot of fun, Peachy Chicken was nice enough to invite us to join them for their First Friday show in October, they were super nice to put us up, they invited us to join them on stage as well, it really was a fantastic weekend! It rained. Sigh…you’re no use in writing these things, you know that?


We’ve also done lots of Local LA shows!

Throughout the year, we’ve performed at…

It’s always a lot of fun to play at the theater where we both teach!!


iO West – in the heart of Hollywood – is always a lot of fun! We’re always excited to step onto that stage!


Gibbon’s Tail hosts an hour of long-form comedy improv at the Tuesday Night Improv show. This team is great and they have a fantastic audience! We were proud to be part of their 2-year anniversary show!


We got to be part of Jurassic Narc’s, The Very Professional Show! Always fun to play with them!


Opening for Miles Stroth and Dan Bakkedahl’s show Zumpf! was a thrill! We were honored to be there!