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It took two years but I finally started a blog for Rollin’ in Riches…

I kinda wish I had started it back when we got our start, in May ’14. Since that first show, we’ve gotten to play with a lot of other great teams, we’ve done shows in several states and at a bunch of festivals and a couple of months ago, we started teaching workshops when we travel. In each different location we’ve met a lot of great, welcoming people and it would’ve been cool if I had documented these trips as they happened.

I also wish I had started this earlier because I’ve been now coaching/teaching for over 5 years and I’ve gotten into a LOT of improv conversations and have walked away thinking about improv, reflective about improv, inspired about improv, feeling great about improv and lots of times, feeling bad about improv. (That last one is a good enough reason on its own for this blog).

Well, I’ve started it now…and I plan to use it to good use.

And if any other improviser who happens to read this wants to chat about something specific, let me know!