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Sooo…this is probably one of those things I don’t really need to say. I kinda assume it’s to be expected. But, just so there’s no confusion…

I consider improv an art form. Sure, you can learn some techniques – like the “Rule of 3” in comedy, heightening by raising stakes, finding and playing patterns – but the CONTENT (i.e., the “how” you implement those techniques) will always be informed by YOU: they’ll be based on your own sense of humor, your life experiences, the way you think, the way you live, etc. How can it not be??

Because of this, there will be all sorts of different philosophies and approaches to improv and to teaching improv.

I’ve been influenced by all the teachers I’ve studied with, by my weekly coaches, by workshops I’ve taken, by the teams and players I’ve gotten to rehearse and perform with, by shows I’ve watched, books I’ve read, conversations I’ve had. And that’s been mixed in with who I am and my own personality and sensibilities.

So, what I write in this blog will come from that. It’s just my own opinion and thoughts and (obviously) doesn’t represent anyone but myself. Not even Rich. I imagine he and I overlap a lot but I’m also sure he and I have varying opinions on a lot of aspects in improv.

If something I write works for you, fantastic! If it doesn’t work for you at all, toss it! There are plenty of other philosophies and ways of approaching improv – I don’t feel there’s “one way” or a “right way” to do it. But if you’ve got a differing opinion, please share it, because like everyone else in improv, I’m still learning! And the only way I can do that is by being open to hearing other thoughts and incorporating those that will work for me.

Disclaimer done!